Kirby’s Korner

Welcome to Kirby’s Korner, my new blog on my new website, I’m excited to have the ability to reach more people on more topics than my time on the air gives me. I hope it proves entertaining, educational and fun.

The fight over how much government control of our medical system there will be continues and so far the good guys appear to be gaining the upper hand. The Blue Dogs continue to resist pressure for quick passage, and the more the public learns of the plan, the lower their support of the Democratic plan(s) goes, and the lower the support of the President. We cannot let up and must increase our pressure; letters, emails, calls to talk shows, especially those in favor of government control, going to town hall meetings during the Congressional recess, educating ourselves about the issues, all are important ingredients in the recipe for victory. Let us strike a stake deep in the heart of the beast. This is a fight we can win.

The situation in Honduras seems to have settled down. The renegade president Zelaya tried to force a confrontation on the border this weekend and called for his thousands of supporters to meet him there as he crossed from Nicaragua and rode their wave of support back to power. The only problem is that dozens showed up and the protest died a natural death from lack of interest. Apparently he is not as popular as both he and President Obama thought. Hopefully, he will just fade away and the rule of law will win one in Central America.

IRS has come out with their 2007 tax data, the last year they have full information on, since 2008 filers have until October to file if they got an extension. It shows that the top 1% of taxpayers in America pay a total of 40% of the total federal income taxes. Read that again – the top 1% pays 40%. The bottom 95% pays 40% and the bottom 50% pays less than 4%. How much more of a tax burden can we put on ‘the rich’ before they say enough, and either move or stop producing? The economic ignorance among the Left and particularly our President is overwhelming. There also is a moral question here, the same moral question that prompted Lincoln to oppose slavery – a individual has the right to the fruits of their own labor. If that is true, then how much can government take before it becomes too much? I would suggest that we are past that point. And another question arises – if those in the bottom 50% pay so little, and in some cases nothing, when it comes to the Federal income tax, what stake do they have in reforming tax policy? Just a few questions that need answers.

New thoughts and news – it is being reported by ABC that Professor Gates and Sgt Crowley are actually related – both have Irish blood that can be traced back to the 4th Century. Australian geologist Ian Plimer says global warming is the ‘new religion of First World elites’. He reports that we have had polar ice for only 20% of the earth’s geologic age and that species extinction is part of the natural order. He is also a virulent anti-creationist, so the lefties can’t pin that one on him.

Two recent minor yet telling signs of where the sympathies of this Administration are. Since 2006, the American mission in Havana has had an electronic billboard on the side of it’s building which displays pro-democracy messages. The Cuban government, a brutal dictatorship if I must remind you, has tried to block them, even posting police officers outside to hurry people along and not let them linger to read them. The Obama administration has yanked the cord, and no more messages will be displayed. And, today, they yanked the visas of four Honduran diplomats, putting pressure on the legal and legitimite government of Honduras to compromise with the deposed President Zelaya. He had failed over the weekend, as noted above, to stir any support for a comeback, and would fade away if ignored, but the Obamaites jump right in and support the bad guy. Whose side are they really on? In this case, not the side of rule of law and liberty.

Having a few problems figuring out how to post – my most recent post is actually the third paragraph above on taxes.

Cash for Clunkers has turned out to be a success according to the Administration, since it ran out of money within a week. What did these economic illiterates think would happen, passing out free money to buy new cars with, given the economy and the pent up demand for cars??? And is it really a success when we take other people’s money, through taxes, to subsidize people to buy cars? Or, increase the debt, which our kids will pay, to do this? The American people acted as any coherent economist would tell you they would – they took the money. And, the resulting chaos gives you an idea of what our health care system will look like if they ever get their hands on it. These incompetents can’t even run a billion dollar giveaway, God forbid they get their hands on 16% of the economy.

One other note. This program will effectively, ultimately raise the price of used cars, as they are destroying the clunkers that are turned in, reducing the available supply. Who is most likely to buy old clunkers as cars? Think about it. Just one more way government shows their concern for the poor and low income.

Did you hear about the latest solar power boondoggle? In Kittitas County the worlds largest solar plant is being planned. Last month, the estimated cost was ‘north of’ $100 million. Now ( are you sitting down?? ), the estimated cost is $525-$700 million. That’s just not north, that’s in lunar orbit. According to Todd Myers, of the Washington Policy Council, that is five times the cost of wind power and other renewables to generate similar quantities of energy. They say it will creat ‘ hundreds ‘ of jobs. As Todd points out, if it creates 500 jobs, that $1 million + per job. Junk economics, junk science, junk idea.

If you want to see where Obama is taking us, look at California. If you want to see where responsible Republican/conservative rule can take us, look at Texas. Compare the two, and there is no question which is a superior way of governing. See Ross Douthat’s column, Monday’s NYT, Blue-State Blues.