A final 2009 note.

A couple of last minute thoughts. Please pray for the families of the CIA agents killed in Afghanistan by that suicide bomber. We sometimes forget that there are brave and skillful Americans fighting Islamic radicalism and America’s enemies around the globe who don’t wear uniforms. The station chief was one of those killed and she was the mother of three. I don’t know the family or personal status of the others, but eight families lost someone in that blast. And, they gave their lives for their country. God bless them and all of America’s warriors, in uniform and without, who sacrifice for our nation and our liberty.

And, keep the people of Iran in your thoughts and prayers. They have taken to the streets again and deserve our support. The current regime in Iran is the source of so much tension and terror, a regime change would be a big step forward toward a more peaceful and stable world. We as a people and nation should announce our support for the Iranian people against their extremist and tyrannical government. It would be the right thing to do.

Misc thoughts on the last day of 2009

Well, tomorrow begins 2010, which promises to be a better year for America than 2009, for a lot of reasons.  I want to thank everyone who reads this blog and has commented and I promise to get better about posting and responding.      

Please add Rush to your prayer list, because,  as you may know, he was vacationing in Hawaii and was hospitalized yesterday with chest pains. Rush has done so much for all of us, and he is genuinely a very nice guy who has a very big and kind heart. The left has been spewing hatred for him for a long time ( if he wasn’t effective, they would ignore him ), and now some leftist blog posters are wishing him ill, even death. Let’s pray for a full recovery and many more years of being on the radio.

According to the FBI, the 2009 murder rate is down 10% from 2008, and yet there were record gun sales in 2009, with some estimates that they were up to 25% higher, based on NCIS checks. I thought more guns equaled more deaths? That’s what the left mindlessly chants. I am so confused…

The Feds announced a further bailout of $3.8 billion for GMAC.  That’s more of your money supporting a company ‘ too big to fail ‘, a company that should have been allowed to fail, a company totally dependent on government bailouts, not market forces. Failure is the discipline that the market imposes on poorly-run companies, or companies which are no longer needed. But, don’t worry, the bailout is only $12 per American citizen, just the price of one pizza.

According to an AP-GIK poll, nearly 75% of you thought 2009 was a bad year, 42% called it very bad.

Thirteen Republican attorneys-general are threatening to sue the Feds over the Obamacare bill, items such as the special deals and payoffs certain states got, and others didn’t, and things like the individual mandate. Didn’t see a list of names, hope Rob McKenna’s name is on that list.

Some political notes, signs of things to come in 2010: In North Dakota, Democratic Congressman Earl Pomeroy is down 42% to 50% for ‘ other ‘.  That’s right, other. A great opportunity if teh Republicans could find a candidate with that name. Filing deadline for running for Congress in Texas is Monday.  Eleven of 20 GOP incumbents have no Democrats filed against them, not even tokens. All 12 Democrats have at least one, in some cases several GOP opponents filed.

Don’t know if you have heard, but apparently, two of the plotters of the Flight 253 attack were released from Gitmo in November 2007, and sent to Saudi Arabia, where they were enrolled in an ‘ art therapy rehabilitation program ‘, where they were, among other things, given paints and crayons to help them return to a meaningful life. What planet am I living on again??

We have alrady sunk over $100 billion of your money into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and now the Obama administration, on Christmas Eve, announced that a $400 billion cap on the amount we would use to bail them out has been lifted, giving them unlimited access to the US treasury, i.e. your money. These two institutions are to blame in a significant way for the mortgage collapse and subsequent economic chaos. They owned or were responsible for over half of the nation’s sub prime and low-grade mortgages, and now they have unlimited access to your money. Oh, btw, Fannie and Freddie  also announced $42 million in bonuses for the 12 ( that’s 12, one more than 11, one less than 13 ) top executives on Christmas eve. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?

Please, everybody have a happy and joyous new year, be safe and cautious tonight, no over-celebrating, and lets resolve to make 2010 a better year and the year we turn America around. May God bless all of you, Rush, the folks at Union Gospel Mission and the United States of America.

Thoughts from a Tuesday Night

I will post some thoughts on the developments in the Flight 253 case later, but right now I want to share with you what I did Tuesday night. I had been called several days ago by Sharon Thomas-Hearns, the incredible PR person for Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission, if I would like to volunteer one night with their Rescue Wagon, which distributes clothes, blankets, food, toiletries, etc to Seattle’s homeless. I said yes and asked Ichabod Caine, formerly of KMPS, if he’d like to join me. He accepted immediately.

So, last night, two has-been celebrities went out with other volunteers to help the homeless. It was an incredible experience, one which taught me a lot about our homeless situation here in Seattle and reinforced my knowledge of the good that Union Gospel Mission does. Later today, I hope to post some video taken with my Flip ( I am slowly entering the 21st Century ) but I will try to relate verbally in this posting some of what I saw and learned.

We visited four sites over two-and-a-half hours before we simply ran out of everything. The van pulled up, we opened the doors and the homeless gathered  for whatever we had to give them. Blankets went quickly, as did the ten or so jackets we had. Hot chocolate was popular, the sandwiches and bags of Cheetos went fast. Hand warmers and scarfs were in demand, and many asked for plastic bags, which we didn’t have, to carry their meager belongings. Almost all of them were polite and said thank you, they asked if they could take more than one sandwich or pair of socks ( they can ),  nobody pushed into line or shoved others out of the way. The volunteers knew many by name and checked up on them, some victims of previous violence, some obviously longtime residents of the streets. It was a rewarding experience, one I will repeat.

Of the homeless on our streets, 90% are there because of drug and alcohol abuse and mental illness. The treatment options are limited, and, to be honest, as long as we can’t force people who need them into them, it wouldn’t make much difference if we spent ten times as much as we do on treatment programs. So, it falls on us to help where and when we can.  We, you and me, need to be the Good Samaritan, who helped the victim with his own money and time

My thanks to Dave and Steven and Sharon for including me, and for all the work they do, every day and every night. They are outstanding examples of faith in action, of what Christian charity and love really are. And, my special thanks to my good friend and brother Ichabod Caine who was there with us. God bless you brother, we have become good friends in a short amount of time, and I am proud to call you my friend and brother.

And, let me say to whoever reads this, Union Gospel Mission can use you. Check out their website at www.ugm.org, or call Sharon at 206-723-0767 to help. They are $600,000 short his year, due to reduced giving in this economy. Every dollar, every hour you can give will be spent effectively and properly. If you can help, please do. They are doing God’s work, the work He told us to do, and they need us to continue doing it. And, if you have some spare time in the next month or so, and want to spend some time on the streets with me, let me know.

So, the system worked? I don’t think so…

As more details become available about the plot to bring down Delta/Northwest flight 253 on Christmas Day, the comment by Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano that ” the system worked”  seems to grow more ludricous. And, the facts of the incident should puncture a few more myths about the war we are in.

The system did not work. What stopped this incident from becoming a costly terrorist attack were two things, a faulty detonation system and alert passengers who took action. Our security systems failed, but the response of the government and the airlines seems to be to establish more stupid and ineffective procedures and systems on top of the ones we already have.

Here’s what we know. The terrorist is a 23 year old Nigerian, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab,  from an upper class family. His father is the former economics minister of Nigeria who just retired as chairman of the First Bank of Nigeria. He was educated in London, as was his son, who studied engineering at University College in London. While there, he lived in a $3 million dollar flat, currently being searched by Scotland Yard.( BTW, the idea that poor and oppressed people are the source of terrorist fodder is a leftist myth, always has been. Islamic radicalism is a disease of the well-to-do and their offspring, often students who have or are studying in Western countries. Check the resumes of the 19 hijackers, or that of Osama bin Laden and Zawahiri ).

He traveled to Dubai to continue studies in the summer of 2008 after graduation. But earlier this year, he informed his family he wished to go to Yemen in order to study Arabic and Sharia law. His parents attempted to persuade him not to but he went anyway. When the family threatened to cut off funding, he told them everything was being paid for anyway, that he didn’t need their money. He then informed them in November that he wanted nothing to do with them anymore. That’s the last they heard from him.

The father said he alerted Nigerian and American officials. His son’s name was entered on a terrorist watch list, but not the no fly list. Officials said there was not enough derogatory material to ban him from flying into the US.

So, here’s a guy from Nigeria, whose own father reports him, on a terrorist suspect list, who is allowed to fly into the US. But there are a few more interesting facts here that no one is really talking about. His ticket was paid for in cash, $2,831, and he checked no baggage when he checked in for the flight in Lagos. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought post 9/11, two warning signs authorities talked about were cash payments and no checked luggage? Hello? Is anyone really out there? I, an American citizen, have to take my shoes off and have my briefcase searched, after checking bags and using a credit card online to pay for my ticket, but a Nigerian citizen, whose name is on a terrorist suspect list, pays cash and checks no luggage,  gets on somehow with a bomb? This is a  system that worked?

And now, new regulations and procedures are being talked about. No getting up from your seat one hour before landing? Whiskey Tango Hotel, this guy WAS SITTING DOWN when he attempted to detonate his bomb. While over US airspace, flight crews may not make any announcements concerning the flight path or the plane’s position over cities or landmarks. WTH again, do people like Napolitano really think it matters where the terrorists blow themselves up?  ’ Ahmed, I will only blow up the infidels if we are over the Space Needle, otherwise, I will not detonate the bomb’.  Millions of innocent travellers will have their lives inconvenienced with meaningless and ineffective policies and procedures that will do nothing to prevent future terror attacks and only promote a false sense of security.

Perhaps the most important lesson to learn is that the best and most effective security policy concerning terrorists and airplanes is passengers who are alert and courageous.  Jasper Schuringa, a Dutch film producer, was the passenger who tackled the terrorist after hearing a bang and seeing smoke from his seat. He dove over four passengers and tore the device off Umar’s leg, then dragged him out of his seat and restrained him with the help of others. Perhaps we should put Jasper in charge of the TSA. He did more to counter the terrorist threat in this case than anyone in our government.


Merry Christmas to you all. May you all enjoy the company of family and  friends on this very special day, and may the message of hope, joy, peace and truth that comes with our Savior’s birth strengthen and encourage each and every one of you. Let us resolve that 2010 will be the year we take our country back.

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