I WILL POST LONGER lateron CPAC, Obama’s new health care proposal and local developments. Two quick things – don’t forget that I am on KTTH this week, starting today, 3-6 PM. And, you can catch George Will’s awesome CPAC speech at nationalreview.com.


THE LATEST POLL NUMBERS ON PRESIDENT OBAMA show a couple of surprises. The CNN poll shows his approval/disapproval numbers are 49/50, 52% believe he does not deserve reelection and 45% identify him as ‘upper class’, 42% ‘ midle class’ and 12% ‘working class’.  The headline for the story: Anti-Incumbent Fever at Record High.

OUR AIRPORT SECURITY SYSTEM AGAIN SHOWS how well-protected we are as the TSA requires a four year old to take off his leg braces. His parents protested, as he is unable to walk without them, but, they recognized the threat, and kept us safe.

THE CBS/NYT POLL RELEASED today shows that 6% believe that the stimulus package created jobs. That’s six, s-i-x, one more than five, one less than seven.  More Americans need to read recovery.gov or listen to the President’s speeches. But then again, maybe they have. Or, maybe they have been listening to Evan Bayh, Democrat Senator from Indiana, who announced yesterday that he is not running for reelection. In his statement, he said he might go into the private sector and create jobs, since if he created one job ( that’s one more than zero, but one less than two ), thaty would be more than the stimulus had created in teh past six months.

THE GLOBAL WARMING SCAM took two more hits over the last several days. A British scientist said the IPCC had distorted storm data in claiming storms were getting more common and more severe over the past 15 years, which they are not,  and another scientist, a former believer in man-made global warming, said the medieval warming period did occur, shattering the hockey stick idea again. When people realize the great scam of man made global warming/climate , and that day is not far off given the number of hits the scam has suffered recently, the main casualty will be the credibility of the scientific community. God forbid that a real crises erupts that scientists truthfully warn us about. Who will be listening??

THE CAPTURE OF MULLAH BARADAR, #2 Taliban guy, shows that we continue to make progress against the 8th Century barbarians and appears to be a positive sign that the Pakistanis are cooperating with us. Hope they got to question him first before he got his Miranda rights read to him…

I WILL BE LEAVING WEDNESDAY MORNING for Washington DC for the Conservative Political Action Conference. Should be a good time, networking, seeing old friends and picking up the latest tidbits of political gossip and info. I will try to update the blogas I can. DON’T FORGET, NEXT WEEK  I AM SITTING IN FOR DAVID BOZE, 3-6 PM, 770 KTTH.



FOR A WEEK. NEXT WEEK, FEBRUARY 22-26, I will be filling in for David Boze on 770 KTTH from 3-6 PM. And, since Michael Medved is in Israel, I will fill in for him in case of technical problems on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of next week. Hope you all listen, it will be good to be back behind the mike. I thank David and Michael for this opportunity and for being my friends.


WELL, FAIRLY GOOD-SIZED CROWD today in Olympia – 3 – 4,000. The takers and spenders got 6,000, or so the press reports. Of course many were paid to be there while many of you worked to pay them.  State workers, students, teachers, social workers and other state bureaucrats had a holiday today, so many got paid to demonstrate to take more of your money today. Many wore union T-Shirts and I found it illuminating that there were more socialist newspapers than American flags at their rally. Dori Monson did a great job, good to see other talk show folks stepping up to the plate. The fight continues and we must never give in.

I am now state director of Americans for Prosperity, a large nationwide grass roots group that defends limited, Constitutional government and the free market. We need you to sign up and help us all. You can check out www.americansforprosperity.org, costs nothing to join and we are not intended to replace any other group but to help bring us all together. Let me know if any questions, kirbywilbur@hotmail.com.


News reports indicate that Tom Stewart, head of Food Services of America and former Vashon resident, was killed today in a helicopter crash near Scottsdale.  I knew Tom, he was a good man and friend. He sponsored the annual GOP picnic at his Vashon ranch for several years, at his expense. It was always a great event, and one year, the year John Carlson and I co-MCed it, it drew 13,000 people. Tom financed the event every year. He moved to Arizona after the Legislature reinstituted the state inheritence tax and, he was also tired of being used by local politicians who always asked him for money but never seemed to be around when he could use their help. It’s men like Tom that built America, the vital few whose success fuels the rest of the economy. He will be sorely missed. May God bless and comfort his friends and family.

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