WELL, DAY 70 OF THE OIL WELL DISASTER AND THE ONE HAS FINALLY DECIDED TO ACCEPT FOREIGN HELP. About time, don’t you think? ITWB,_____________( If This Was Bush )…fill in the blank yourself.

RECOVERY SUMMER CONTINUES AS THE ECONOMY WORSENS TODAY. The DJIA dropped more than 250 points and consumer confidence ‘ plunges’.  The number of people who told interviewers that they plan to buy a car hit a record low in June, the lowest numbers ever recorded in the 43 years of the survey. ( They must be waiting for that miracle electric or solar powered car.) And, AP reported today that the government is expected to report on Friday that unemployment went up in June. Wow. Yet the One continues to tell Europe that they must stop cutting budgets and debt and keep free-basing, I mean free-spending. It’s pretty odd when Europe is the financially responsible side of the Atlantic. For all you Obama Zombies out there, when does the economy recover? How much more debt and spending is required? And, I know it’s Bush’s fault, but the One was supposed to fix it, not make it worse.

AMERICAN LIBERALISM CONTINUES IT’S SLIDE INTO THE SWAMP. Al Gore, savior of the planet and self-appointed messiah, finds himself the subject of a 73 page police report filed by a self-admitted liberal masseuse over their 2006 meeting.  Al wanted a little bit more than a backrub, he wanted his ’second chakra’  released. So that’s what they call it now. What a bunch of new age crap. No wonder Tipper dumped him. Clinton, Edwards, Gore, Joe BiteMe, calling a small businessman a smart ass. These are truly the leaders and role models America needs, don’t you think? And, the most astonishing thing about the Gore story was the reaction of the masseuse’s liberal women friends who told her not to file charges, to ’suck it up’, because we could all die from global warming if something happened to Al Gore. What imbeciles. Are there any liberals out there embarrassed by this?


FINALLY, MANY POLITICAL OBSERVERS HAVE CLAIMED THAT EVEN THOUGH THE ONE IS OUT TO TRANSFORM AMERICAN DOMESTIC AND ECONOMIC POLICY, HE HAS BEEN MODERATE ON FOREIGN AND MILITARY POLICY.  Soon to end if he was. Chet Nagle in the Daily Caller, mentioned in the Corner on NRO, cites the recommendations for defense policy made by Barney Frank and other liberal Democrats in Congress. Are you ready for this? While Iran is building nukes, Chavez is arming to the hilt in Venezuela, we are fighting two wars, China is undergoing a huge modernization and expansion of it’s military, Elmer Fudd and his friends want to cut a trillion dollars over the next decade from our military. Plans include a reduction from 12 to 8 carriers, a cut of 30% in the size of the Marine Corps, a 35% cut in the size of the Army, de-nuclearizing our manned bomber force, cutting 8 of 14 ballistic missile submarines, cancelling the new tanker aircraft and the C-17 and reducing the pay and benefits our military now receives.  Foolish is too light a word. This out-Carters Carter.

Don’t forget I am filling in for David Boze on Monday the 5th on 770 KTTH from 3-6 PM.

Just call me  another smartass for lower taxes.


WELL, AFTER RUNNING AROUND THE COUNTRY FOR TWO WEEKS FOR AFP AND YAF, I am now home for a while and so much has happened.

THE ONE JUST KEEPS DIGGING DEEPER AND DEEPER HOLES FOR HIM AND THE COUNTRY. The economy is not recovering ( new home sales are the lowest in 40 years ), Europe and Japan are cutting government spending and corporate taxes, oil continues to pour from the BP well, and he spends $500,000 to give a 10 minute speech in Ohio. Democratic Congressional leadership is talking about raising taxes on the middle class ( told you so ), the One appoints a nominee to the Supreme Court who has never been a judge and has never argued a case in court until last year when she argued that government has the power to control speech, movies and books, Joe BiteMe tells a crowd at a fundraiser that ” there’s no possibility to restore eight million jobs lost in the Great Recession”,  and then he tells a small businessman not to be a smartass when he asks for lower taxes. I feel like I am living in a fantasy world, maybe Oz.  His budget director announces he is leaving, his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel is rumored to be leaving and then he tells the G20 that a worldwide recovery will require that no country have an ‘undue advantage’.  How can anyone still support this guy?? This is leadership, telling us that life will never be the same, that we have to accept less, that we have to double the national debt to recover economically?  THIS IS LEADERSHIP??  This is Carterism.  November can’t get here soon enough.


ABOUT THAT OIL SPILL, it’s now day 68, and hundreds of thousands of jobs are being threatened, and the oil continues to flow into the Gulf while the One golfs. There is a ship anchored in Norfolk, the A Whale, an old tankewr refitted by its’ owners to skim oil from waters impacted by a spill.  The authorities say they have skimmed 600,000 barrels of oil from the Gulf so far, in the last two months. The A Whale is designed to skim 500,000 barrels A DAY. Seems the Coast Guard is trying to determine whather the ship meets government requirements and regulations before it goes to the Gulf.  Oh, and according to the AP, 168 million barrels have escaped into the Gulf, which is what we consume as a country in four hours. And, I would like to remind everyone that had this catastrophe occurred in ANWAR, the well could have been sealed in four days, with relatively minimal economic and environmental damage.

Finally a couple of more notes. Be sure and read the Seattle Times piece on the scam going on in our state retirement system, where employees are allowed to retire to get their pension, then they are hired back after several months, for their previous position for the same salary. I will be on David Boze’s show, 770 KTTH, 3-6 PM, on Monday, July 5th.  And, you may be asking, how bad will November be for teh Democrats? Well, here’s a clue – Rory Reid, son of Harry, is running for Governor of Nevada. In his ads last week, his last name is never mentioned – he is just plain ol’ Rory.

November is coming. It can’t get here too soon.


I APOLOGIZE FOR MY ABSENCE FROM these pages these last few weeks. A lot of AFP work and preparing for the state GOP convention this past weekend in Vancouver has kept me busy. So much has happened, but I am flying out in seven hours, so I wanted to post a quick thought or two about Vancouver.

THE CONVENTION WAS an incredible experience in many ways. Michelle Malkin, a good friend of ours, gave the keynote Friday night at a dinner attended by hundreds of folks. She showed just how incredible she is, and I had the honor ( thank you Luke Esser ) of introducing her. Michelle means a lot to me, and my introduction almost brought both of us to tears. Mitt Romney gave a great speech on Saturday and the three Senate candidates did as well. Dino is gaining the passion he needs in his delivery, Paul Akers was very good and Clint Didier was, well, he was Clint, a guy I have come to love and adore. All three are great guys and each brings something different to the campaign. We are blessed as a party to have all three.

The energy and enthusiasm was incredible  and as well  a lot of new people attended, a good sign for the Party, it’s future and November. I hope the bickering and occasional confusion doesn’t drive them away.

I was honored by the body to be selected permanent chairman of the convention on Saturday and presided over the platform and resolutions debate. It was heated at times, I made my fair share of mistakes, but I had a great Parliamentarian who kept me straight and we adjourned on time. Ther continues to be a feeling that not emough time is allowed for debate on the issues and I agree. Some of it is due to senseless fights on rules and credentials that eats up valuable time and some of it is the way we do things. I have some thoughts on this, and I will be sending Chairman Esser and the powers-that-be a memo recommending some changes in the 2012 Convention process. Based on attending every state convention since the mid-1970’s, and chairing four of them, here are some of my ideas:

1.) The platform should be made available the night before for the delegates.  I understand the time crunch, I have chaired a platform committee before too. The resolutions would not have to be included, they could come out Saturday morning, but the platform should be ready Friday late afternoon.

2.)The amendment process for the platform has to be changed. Right now, the first several people who get up to the microphones get their amendments to be moved and debated first. With a limited time for consideration, 20 minutes per plank/section this year, that doesn’t leave time for much debate. Often, the first folks at the mike have amendments that reflect personal issues or concerns that do not have much support beyond the maker, and time is taken from consideration of amendments that might reflect a more general sense of the need for change. Perhaps a requirement that all amendments be submitted by a certain time Saturday morning, signed by, say, 15 delegates from 3 counties? Somehow, assure that amendments reflect concerns beyond just one person get heard and debated.

3.)Limit candidate speeches. In non-Presidential years, I see no need for Congressional candidates to address the whole convention. In fact, they should be home campaigning. In Presdiential years, the body breaks down into Congressional District caucuses for purposes of selecting national convention delegates and speeches by the Congressional candidates seems proper here while votes are being counted, etc. Speeches by statewide candidates are appropriate at every convention, but omitting Congressional candidates this year would have saved us at least one hour.

4.)A Permanent set of convention rules, only changing if the convention so decides. If the rules were permanent from year-to-year, then at least some folks would have a sense of what has happened in the past and, if we had another convention 101 class ( which I think we should ), then we at least could explain to the newbies what the rules are unless changed by the body.

5.)There should be a Convention101 class at every convention. I think it helped for the new folks.

6.) Lastly, we need more communication between various factions and groups within the party. It might surprise some people how much in common we have and stop some of the senseless fights over the minor things that takes away time from platform debate. One of the nicest things that happened to me on Saturday was when a delegate, that I earlier had a fierce exchange with over his comment the ‘WE” were going to take over the party, that devolved into a shouting match over 9/11, the Kennedy assasination, the Iraq war and Pearl Harbor, this delegate brought a glass of water up to the podium for me, on his own, as he could tell that I could use one. A simple gesture, but a meaningful one, and one that was greatly appreciated.

There are some of my thoughts. Your comments, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

MEANWHILE, THE ECONOMY CONTINUES sliding down, Obama wants $50 billion more to save jobs, the BP blow out continues after nearly eight weeks ( if this was in ANWAR, it would have been capped within a week and there would not be hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake), Obama continues to pursue his anti-Israel foreign policy, and November can’t get here soon enough. But we will NOT win in November unless all of us devote our time, energy, effort and money to electing the right candidiates. Let’s do it to assure the American Dream for our kids and grandkids, lets do it so we can wake up on November 3rd and say ‘We Did It!’, let’s do it because it’s the right thing to do.