LOTS OF NEWS THIS WEEKEND ABOUT POLITICS AND THE ECONOMY. I want to bring the stories to your attention, won’t comment a lot about each one, you are all smart enough to add 2 + 2 and get 4.

THURSDAY, THE COMMERCE DEPARTMENT reported the sharpest drop in industrial production in the last year.

TODAY, THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HOMEBUILDERS reported that it’s monthly reading of builder’s confidence was at 14; below 50 is considered negative. This is the lowest it’s been in fifteen months. This reading is a three part survey of 502 builders across the country that measures expectations for the next six months,  current market conditions and current foot traffic at new homes listed for sale. In the AP story reporting this, one economist estimated that with the current supply of available homes, new, used and foreclosed/repo’ed, it could be three years before supply and demand balance.

LAST WEDNESDAY’S WSJ REPORTED THAT FANNIE MAE has launched a new program to get first time home buyers into a home for as little as a down payment of $1,000.  It went on to report that 8% of loans for new cars last quarter went to borrowers with the lowest range of credit scores and  that nearly 85 million credit cards were offerred to subprime borrowers in the first half of 2010. Haven’t we heard this song before???

MORT ZUCKERMAN, OF U S NEWS FAME, 2008 OBAMA SUPPORTER AND OCCASIONAL SPEECHWRITER, writes on Friday in his magazine that “Obama’s Anti-Business Policies are Our Economic Katrina”.  He talks of the President’s “predilection to blame business”, business’s “disillusionment”, and the new generation of regulations, bureaucracy and higher taxes.  The piece is worth reading.

THINGS ARE SO BAD THAT THE DEMOCRATS in the House did not even write a budget for next year. Ask your Democrat friends how they get away with that. They are operating under a ‘ budget enforcement resolution’.  But, according to National Review, with no formal budget, there can be no reconciliation moves by the House or Senate to avoid filibusters by the Republicans

IN RESPONSE TO THE LAWSUITS CHALLENGING THE INDIVIDUAL health care mandate, the administration announced on Friday that it will defend the mandate in court as a TAX, even though the President and many others denied that it was one during the debate.

THE BOSTON GLOBE TODAY REPORTED THAT small companies in Massachusetts, where Obamacare is already operating as Romneycare, are dumping their health coverage and telling their employees to sign up for the state plan. Gee, who could have predicted that?

VICE PRESIDENT JOE BITEME TOLD JAKE TAPPER OF ABC NEWS yesterday that the stimulus did not work as well as it could have because it was too small. If Republicans had not opposed it, they could have spent more and the economy would be humming along right now. Those darn Republicans…The stimulus bill was $862 billion; originally, the administration asked for $775 billion and claimed that if we spent that, unemployment would not go over 8%. Gosh,, maybe if we had spent $3 trillion, unemployment would be at 3% and……..

LAST, BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, AN ARTICLE AT REAL CLEAR POLITICS this AM, headlined ” Dems Headed for Potential State House Disaster “, written by Sean Trende, points out the Republicans could make ‘massive’ gains in governorships in November. This is a part of national trends and elections not usually covered by political and opinion magazines, but it is important because in many states, the Governor plays an important role in redistricting and redistricting will start in 2011, based on the 2010 census. If the Republicans gain as many as Sean thinks they may, a total of 11 governorships switching parties, the political map for 2012 and beyond could be very favorable for the GOP. And, remember, only two states elected governors in 2009, both going from Blue – D to Red – R. And the economy was better and the public not as ticked off last year. The Ds just can’t get a Barack, I mean a break – but then, they don’t deserve one.


-THE GOVERNOR IS HOLDING FOUR public meetings on the state budget to hear from you. If you can attend, or get friends and family to attend, please do. The public employee unions are mobilizing and the members of the panel are weighted overwhelmingly toward spenders and taxers. These meetings are cover for plans to raise spending and taxes in future state budgets and we must be there so they can hear us.  If we don’t attend and the taxers and spenders do, they will simply say, ‘ Well, we had public hearings, and the public showed up and demanded more spending and taxes.’ Those who wish to testify will be given two minutes, written testimony will be accepted and there will be comment cards for those who wish to have their comments considered but do not wish to speak. Here is the schedule:

MONDAY – JULY 19th – TONIGHT  – UW Tacoma – Phillip Hall 1900 Commerce Street Tacoma – 7-9 PM.

WEDNESDAY – July 21st – Everett Community College – Parks Building – Multi Purpose Room – 2000 Tower Street

                           Everett  -  7-9 PM

TUESDAY – July 27th – WSU Vancouver Campus – Administration Building, Room 110 – 14204 NE Salmon Creek Ave,

                            Vancouver – 7-9 PM

THURSDAY – July 29th – Spokane City Hall, City Council chambers – 808 W Spokane Falls Blvd, Spokane – 5-7 PM

Be there if you can.


WELL, THINGS KEEP FALLING IN AMERICA, like the economy and the polls for the President and for Democrats. New CBS poll released yesterday is just full of bad news.  The economy is rated bad by 82%, up from 77% in June. Over half of Americans ( 51% )think it will be bad for more than the next two years, and 24% for the next two years. When asked which is the better way to create jobs and get the economy moving again, 53% say cutting taxes, 37% say increased government spending. When it comes to the Arizona immigration law, 74% say it’s just right or not harsh enough. The President’s approval ratings are underwater on the economy and health care, as they also are in the latest Pew and Washington Post/ABC polls.

WHITE HOUSE SPOKESMAN ROBERT GIBBS said on Sunday that the Democrats could lose the House and that has Nancy and the House leadership all tangled up in knots. Politico reports there was a rather tense meeting yesterday between them and White House staff over the comments. Gibbs has tried to modify his comments, but, he said it.

MEANWHILE, TODAY, RETAIL SALES were reported to have fallen in June by .5%. Where is the recovery summer we were promised? The only thing recovering this summer is the likelihood of big Republican gains in November. This is their race to lose, the Democrats and the President can do little if anything to impact the outcome. We are in a downward economic spiral and the policies of the Obama administration and the Democrats will not lead to recovery. Remember the number sixty ( 60 ) on election night and that you heard it here first.

MOLLY NORRIS, THE LOCAL CARTOONIST who called for a “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”, then retreated after a number of death threats from open-minded and tolerant lunatic Muslim extremists, has had a leading Muslim cleric formally call for her death. I hope we hear from some moderate Muslims condemning this action. I’m listening…

ON THURSDAY, AUGUST 5th, I WILL be mcing a fundraising dinner for the Vitae Caring Foundation here in Seattle with Colonel Oliver North as the keynote speaker. Vitae places pro-life advertising hoping to win hearts and minds on the life issue. They do great work, and I hope you can attend. Tickets are $100.00, $50.00 of which is tax deductible. They are looking for table captains, to fill a table of ten, and if you do, you will be invited with a friend, to a private reception with Ollie and get your picture taken with him. This is a great cause and I hope you will come to the dinner. If you want information on tickets or being a table captain, call Katie Corl, 206-777-5251.

Lastly, if you are still looking for a way to get involved and contribute to a victory in November, join Americans for Prosperity ( ). I am the state director and we have a great November is Coming campaign which will help elect the right kind of people in November but it can’t work without you all. You can join right on the website, or you can email me at and I will plug you right in. Friends, the time for sitting around complaining is over. We have less than four months to make sure we win big in November. All the ingredients are there for a BIG conservative victory, but it won’t happen spontaneously. Your country, your kids and grandkids, need you. You can wake up on November third to the news that we failed to take Congress and win a lot of races, or you can say YES WE DID! It’s your choice. I’ve made mine. What about you?


TOMORROW IS THE FOURTH OF JULY, when we celebrate the birthday of the greatest, most exceptional country the world has ever seen. I hope in the middle of friends, food and fireworks, you all take some time to honor America and remember the reason for our celebration.

REMEMBER, WE SHOULD ACTUALLY CELEBRATE on the 2nd. That’s the day we actually declared independence. John Adams said of the 2nd, ” The Second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations from one end of the continent to the other from this time forward forevermore.” ( Note – ‘illuminations’ are fireworks). The 4th is the day the Declaration was adopted after two days of debate and revision.

JOHN GUNTHER, the noted author, once said,” America is the only nation deliberately founded on a good idea”. That good idea is the Declaration of Independence. There you will find the American Idea, the American Dream, the philosophical foundation of America. The Constitution is the blueprint for our limited, republican form of government, based on the philosophy of natural right and individual liberty found in the Declaration. If you haven’t read it lately, this weekend is a good time to do so.

ON THE RADIO FRONT, on Monday the 5th, I will be filling in for David Boze on KTTH< 3-6, then I will be filling in for Frank Shiers on KIRO 97.3 FM from 7-11 PM. Hope you all get a chance to listen. I will be talking about the Fourth and American history quite a bit.