The bad news ( for Barack and the D’s ) continues…….

August auto sales were the lowest in 28 years, since 1982. FORD, for some reason, apparently dropped the lowest of the Big Three.

According to the latest Gallup poll, Republicans lead in the generic Congressional ballot among registered voters 51% to 41%, 10 points, the largest lead in the history of Gallup’s midterm preference poll, first taken in 1942. The GOP is also ahead of their final poll number in the 1994 poll.

Just remember the number sixty – 60.

Politico reports today that public support for health care reform dropped sharply in August.

Health Care for America Now, a pro-Obamacare advocacy group, has decided that the best way to support those candidates who are pro-Obamacare is to talk about something else, any issue but Obamacare – the economy, jobs, anything but health care reform. Strange, isn’t it? For a clue, see the item directly above.

The Financial Times today has an article by their Washington DC correspondant headlined ” Democrats Face Midterm Meltdown”.

The Dow Jones Index ended August today, the worst August since 2001. BTW, when the Democrats took over Congress in 2007, the DJIA was around 12,500.

Please be sitting down when you read this one. PPP, Public Policy Polling, is a polling organization generally recognized as having a leftish tint. They recently polled Ohio, and will release their total numbers tomorrow. But one number they released early concerned asking Ohioans whether they’d rather have Presdient Bush back in the White House, or stick with Obama. Remember, this is Ohio. Bush wins, 50 – 42. Independents break 44 -37 in favor of Bush. And, 11% of Democrats wanted Bush back, whereas 3% of Republicans preferred Obama. That music you hear in the background is the theme to Terminator:Judgment Day.

And, FWIW, here is a story completely off the wall, with little political or social relevence. Time magazine reports that a new study shows the mortality rates of those who abstain from alcohol are higher than those of heavy drinkers. We should have some fresh data on the morning of November 3rd to test this hypothesis.

Sixty-three days til Judgment Day. Do your part. Get involved. Join Americans for Prosperity,


Mark Halperin, this morning in Politico, said, ” Based on the current national environment, the enthusiasm gap, the state of the economy, the failure to materialize of a lot of what Democrats were counting on ( health care getting more popular and recovery summer taking hold ), and polling in individual races, on the current trajectory, with no unexpected intervening events, Republicans are in a position to pick up as many as 60 seats.” Just remember where you first heard that sixty number.

Jennifer Rubin, who blogs at the Contentions blog for Commentary magazine, suggests this morning a new name to consider for the GOP nod in 2012, one guaranteed to make liberal heads explode – John Bolton. Think about it.

Also according to Politico this AM, Democrat incumbents in tight races have been given permission to publicly distance themselves from, and even criticize, Nancy Pelosi. Another sign of desperation. Next question: who will they vote for as Speaker in 2011 if re-elected?

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More bad news just this morning. Existing home sales unexpectedly plunged 27.2 % in July, to their lowest level in fifteen years. ( Who still believes that Obama’s policies will lead to economic recovery? How can anyone still believe?? ). It would take more than a year at that rate to sell the current inventory of over 4 million homes for sale.

And, remember how Obamacare was going to help the Democrats win? Even Bubba said so. Well, now, according to Byron York in the Washington Examiner, Democratic strategists and pollsters did focus group studies on public opinion about Obamacare and found what they call a ” challenging environment”.  Their recommendations to Democrats running for Congress: ‘ keep claims small and credible’ about what the law will do; promise to ‘improve’ the law ( what could possibly need improvement? This was the most perfect, needed legislation ever! ); avoid policy talk and use ‘personal’ stories and, above all, DO NOT say that the law ‘will reduce costs and the deficit’, because it won’t.

In Columbus, Ohio, last Wednesday, President Obama mentioned a local project as proof his stimulus package was working, since it was funded by stimulus money.  The Columbus Dispatch reported last Friday that there were no stimulus dollars involved in the project. Guess it’s too much to expect the President to know such things. If President Bush had made such a false claim………….

A Pew Research Center report on Thursday noted that the number of Jews in America calling themselves Republican or independents leaning Republican has increased by morethan half since January and ” NOW STANDS AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL SINCE THE DATA HAS BEEN KEPT” ( quote from the New York Times, 8/21/10.). America seems to be waking up.

The AP reported on Friday last that nearly half of the homeowners enrolled in the Obama adminstration’s mortgage relief program have dropped out. The Treasury Department reported on Friday that the $75 billion effort is ” failing to slow the tide of foreclosures ” in America. There’s a word closely associated with the Obama Administartion lately – FAILURE. How can anyone still believe?

ABC news today has an interesting story – GOP TARGETS OBAMA’S ‘ RECOVERY SUMMER ‘ AMID ECONOMIC GLOOM. Devin Dwyer is the reporter. It’s an objective look at the promises of Recovery Summer and the failure to deliver. Referring to Joe Biden’s boast that the summer would see 250,000 – 500,000 jobs created per month, Dwyer writes, ” But with summer quickly coming to an end, those jobs gains and a robust economic recovery have not yet materialized, leaving Democrats on the verge of a fall election campaign in which Republicans are poised to make them eat their words.

The two most significant pieces of economic news the past week are the announcement on home sales today and the announcement of 500,000 first time unemployment claims last week. The debate over Obamanonics is over, it has failed, no one can defend it with a straight face after this past week.  Bye, bye Nancy.


DESPITE THE CLAIMS LAST SPRING OF the Vice President that this would be ‘Recovery Summer’ and 500,000 private sector jobs a month would be saved or created, we haven’t quite seen it yet. Here’s what we learned though, over the past week:

1.) President Obama today hit a new low approval rating in the daily Gallup poll – 42%. That’s the Gallup poll, not Rasmussen, not NBC/WSJ.

2.) USA Today reported that Federal workers are earning doluble their private sector counterparts. Double. Oh, and their unemployment rate is significantly lower too.

3.) The latest WSJ/NBC poll, dated August 11th, reports that over 60% of Americans believe that the economy is yet to hit bottom; 47% approve and 48% dispprove of the President’s job performance; 60%, including 83% of independents say they are somewhat or not at all confident that Obama’s policies will help the economy; and 60% rate Congress’s performance as below average or one of the worst.

4.) A Harris poll out last Monday reported that 70% of Americans believe that Washington is out of touch.

5.) It was reported last Tuesday that company job openings fell for the second straight month in June. FYI, the survey showed 2.54 million openings. In mid-2007, there were 4.4 million.

6.) Last Tuesday, it was reported that June’s trade deficit increased nearly 20%, the highest since October 2008 and worse than previously estimated. Some analysts predict that the Commerce Department, based on this report, will revise their 2nd Quarter GDP growth rate estimate down from 2.4% to 1%.

7.) Between the end of 2007 and the first quarter of 2010, net household assets in America fell 18%, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

8.) The number of initial jobless claims hit a six month high, unexpectedly, ( there’s that word again).

9.) Manufacturing and trade sales fell .6% in June, adding to speculation that the Commerce Department will revise downward their estimate of 2nd quarter GDP growth of 2.4%.

10.) It was reported that retail sales for July went up .4%, but the increase was concentrated in cars and gas, and retail sales actually fell in te broad market.

11.) In an CNN poll reported last week, Obama loses to a generic Republican 45-50%.

12.) In a Fox News poll reported last week, 47% think Bush’s policies are mostly to blame for the economy, but 76%, including 57% of Democrats, think it is time for Obama to stop blaming Bush. 63% believe that governemnt has gotten too big, while only 29% believe that the stimulus package improved the economy.

What’s it all mean? If the Republicans are smart, Recovery Summer becomes Republican Summer. Now, one or two polls do not a trend or truth make, but by looking at all the polls, one can get a sense of where the country is heading. Combined with the continuing economic decline and the lack of a recovery ( Keynesian policies will never get us to recovery ), and the looming threat of the biggest tax increase in American history when the Bush tax cuts expire in 2011, and it looks even gloomier for the D’s than 1994. The fate of the Democrats is virtually set in stone. They can do nothing to change their fate because they will not change their policies, and, even if they did, there is no time left for the economy to recover before November.  The Republicans, however,  can still screw it up.

Let me quote one American from the WSJ/NBC poll. Tim Krsak is a 33 year old unemployed lawyer from Indianapolis who considers himself an independent. ” The Republicans do not have a message as to why people should vote for them”, he told the WSJ, ” but it’s pretty clear why you shouldn’t vote for the Democrats. So by default, you have to vote for the other guy.”

Just think what could be accomplished if the Republicans had a message. Repeal Obamacare, real health care reform, no more bailouts, control spending, entitlement reform, make government smaller ( starting with shedding government ownership or controlling interests in banks, car companies and the student loan business ). Look for the rollout of such a program in September. Then, my friends, if you are serious about stopping Obama, taking our country back, stopping the Europeanization of America, it’s pedal to the metal time. You, my reader, have to write checks, walk precincts, make phone calls, volunteer on campaigns. That is, if you’re serious. No more talking, it’s time for walking. This is the year, now is the time, to make America great again. It’s up to you.

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