There is a lot in the news I want to comment on but first, I want to share some thoughts on what happens six weeks from today and it’s meaning for our future.

There is a tsunami wave coming that many Democrats are ignoring or simply don’t see. A look at the polls around the country and at the current comments of the President and Democrat leaders provides quite a contrast. Maybe they have to be optimistic and have sunny dispositions, but it could also be that they live in an alternative universe where the American people are really happy with the ways things are going, aren’t talking to pollsters but will turn out to support the party of the One who will save our world.

The polls are simply devastating for the Democrats. When one looks at the 2008 election, states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, which had been trending Democrat over the past twenty years, combined with red states trending purple/blue like Ohio, Indiana, Virginia and Florida, and gave President Obama  95 votes more than he needed for victory in the Electoral College.   Talk of a ascendent Democrat party and a declining Republican party dominated the political punditry.

Now, just two years later,  after two years of the most radical leftward turn in our history, how different the landscape looks. Wisconsin is seeing a Republican landslide with the GOP candidates for Senator and Governor with sizable leads ( Bye Bye Russ Feingold – who saw that coming? ). In Pennsylvania, same thing, with several Democrat incumbent Congressmen in serious jeopardy. Ohio sees the GOP candidates for Senate and Governor with double-digit leads, despite, or perhaps because of, Presidential and Vice-Presidential visits. Florida and Indiana are about to elect conservative Republicans as Senators, Virginia elected a Republican governor last year and is about to replace several incumbent Democrat Congressmen, in Michigan, the GOP gubernatorial candidate has a large lead, as does the Illinois GOP candidate for governor. If you start adding up those electoral votes, 2012 starts to look real good for the Republicans.

And, the incredible thing to me is, the Democrat leadership is refusing to change course, refusing to admit mistakes, or moderate in any way. I am reminded of the scene in Animal House toward the end when the riot breaks out in town during the parade, and ROTC student Kevin Bacon is calmly saying ” All is well, all is well ” while he is being stampeded and run over.

Nirvana is not here. The damage is extensive and the Republicans have to produce, have to stick to their principles, have to persevere without wavering or compromise. But, all looked dark and bleak on the horizon less than two years ago, and now, just six weeks down the road, the sun is starting to break through.

One final note: this won’t happen without you being involved. As you may know, I am the state director of Americans for Prosperity. We have extensive plans for the local elections nad we can use any help you can give. If you can help us doordrop precincts or make phone calls from your home, please let us know at

Wake up Wednesday morning, November 3, knowing you contributed to the victory you will be hearing about, knowing that you helped save America. We need your help. We need to save our country. We cannot do it without you.

2 Responses to “SIX WEEKS TO GO”

  1. Jeff Rayner says:


    You could help out substantially by knocking over Senator Murray “up there”, as well as “breeding” a Republican to take out Senator Cantwell. Washington State Republicans are clearly dispirited and need help from gifted patriots like you, Sir.

    Chandler, AZ

  2. Bob Eberle says:


    We really need the help of AFP in the 2nd Congressional District. John Koster is on traack to win this race, but some additional help will certainly be appreciated. And, that additional help just might be the difference.


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