Election Picks and more…..

Let me repeat my choices on ballot measures: Yes on 1053, 1082, 1100 and 1107; No on 1098, 1105 and Referendum 52; Yes on 4220 and No on 8225. No on King County Prop 1 and yes on the three proposed county charter amendments. The only contested judicial races I know enough to recommend a choice is Richard Sanders on the State Supreme Court and Larry Mitchell, NE Distict Court position 7. I am voting a straight Republican ticket for all partisan races.

Don’t forget that I will be on KTTH 770 AM election night with David Boze and Michael Medved. Spread the word to friends, family and anyone interested in the election.

Eight days to go, but lots of work to do. Get involved.

I attended a campaign event for Dino Friday night at BoConcept, a furniture store at 901 Western, down near the waterfront. Great locale, great event, sponsored by Young Professionals for Dino Rossi. We were the old folks there, lots of young people ( 150-200 ), all supporting Dino. He was good, more animated and enthused than he has been. He can win, but he needs your help. Volunteer, contribute, spread the word. Judgment Day is near.

The Sunday Detroit News carried a story that shows how near, and how bad it will be for one of the two major political parties. Bill Clinton was speaking at an appearance in Detroit, at a rally for their gubernatorial candidate in Michgan, Virg Bernero,  on Sunday. Let me quote from the article: ” Clinton…is popular in Detroit and trying to fire up the party base in Michigan…But he began his speech just before 3 PM in a high school gym that was less than half full….Shortly before Clinton took the stage, the Rev. Wendell Anthony, president of the Detroit branch of the NAACP, urged attendees to leave bleacher seats along one side of the gym and try to fill the area in front of the podium before Clinton began his address…Clinton said Bernero should be far ahead of Snyder ( the Republican Bernero trails by 20 points in the polls ), but ‘ this is one of the most frustrating, perplexing elections in America’….” This is the time we need to be excited”, Bernero’s running mate, Brenda Lawrence, told the several hundred people drawn to the rally.” Think about what you just read.  Bill Clinton, wildly popular in Detroit, speaking to a half-full high school gym, several hundred people, talking about a frustrating and perplexing election.

Judgment Day is eight days away.

8 Responses to “Election Picks and more…..”

  1. Mardene Patton says:

    I pray everyday that the Lord will spare this Great Nation from another term of IDIOTS! that are bent on ruining our way of life here in the America. I believe the Judgment Day is coming for the Liberals in Office! Thank you Lord!

  2. Dean Cassinelli says:

    Keep in touch Kirby, hope to meet you again some time.

  3. Old RD says:

    You need to get back on the air full time!

  4. Mary Olson says:

    Thanks for the help on the voter guide. I do my best to be informed but this is a big help. I respect your views!

  5. Bob Hoffman says:

    Thank you for your great service to America!
    I’ll be listening for you on KTTH. Thanks again for the election picks.

  6. Joel says:

    “…Dino. He was good, more animated and enthused than he has been.”

    That is VERY important in getting voters enthused. Getting excited about someone requires that they, too be excited. It’s a human nature thing.

    That is why you will never see Ben Stein coaching a team or leading a pep rally.

    “Raaah.” :::yawn:::

    I mean, fer cryin’ out loud, Dino, look at Obama’s speeches – As a clear pattern, the main thing that convinces his followers is his enthusiasm. His messages are constantly as vague and vacuous as the empty vacuum of space. My point is this [Dino], “enthusiasm energizes!” Drink a Red Bull or two. Slap your face before walking on stage to get that adrenalin going. Find your motivation – and DISPLAY it! SHARE it! ENERGIZE us!

  7. Ted Grichuhin says:

    I guess my question is why will there be a radio program on election night??
    If I have time and it is not past 9pm (bed time), I will try to listen in.
    BTW, did notice our day will be special next year?? 11/11/11!!! If you can change your birth certificate to 11am or 11pm, you will beat me.

    • Kirby Wilbur says:

      Ted, I don’t understand your question. There are always radio and TV broadcasts election nights, to bring you thelatest in results and analysts. I am blessed to have KTTH want me on election night.

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