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I know, I  know, it’s been a while, but folks, I have been in the trenches, crossing the state, doing election work. I have noticed one thing – THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH OF YOU OUT THERE. It’s not too late, to man a phone bank, doordrop a precinct, sign wave, whatever you can do. Americans for Prosperity has a great phone project which you can do from home – go to www.americansforprosperity.org and click on Freedom Phone project ( upper right corner ). You sign up there and BINGO!, you are plugged in and make the calls FROM HOME. They select the numbers, give you the script, everything you need. Now, I am biased because I am state director of AFP, but it can’t get any easier for you. Too much talking, not enough walking, so sign up today. We have one volunteer in Orting, Reid Simpson, who has made over 1700 phone calls so far.  He was on the Medved show today. Let’s give him some company. Sign up today.

Here are my recommendations for the initiatives and ballot measures: 1053, 1082, 1100, 1107 all yes. 1098, 1105, no. Ref 52, no. HJR 4220, yes. King County, no on Ref 1, yes on the charter amendments.

Don’t forget that I will be on KTTH 770 on election night, Tuesday, November 2, from 5 PM – 11 PM. Michael Medved, David Boze and I will bring you all of the breaking election results from around the country and right here at home, and the best analysis available on Seattle radio. Please tune in and spread the word too. Note: the other so-called ‘conservative’ talk station in town has no plans so far for any coverage, so you can hear delayed national shows over there.

The tsunami wave grows and Democrat losses will be staggering. National analysts are now predicting 55-65 losses in the House ( remember, I have been saying 60 since early summer ). And, you know the Rossi-Murray race is close by how many big guns the D’s are bringing in for her, and how often they are here. More to come soon.

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  1. Ronda Klassen says:

    Thank you for your recommendations on the above measures. Do you have any recommendations on the Judges here in the liberal city of Seattle? I live in the Northgate area.

  2. Scott Newkirk says:

    What about sjr 8245?

  3. Scott Newkirk says:

    Do you have recomendations for people running for office? I am pretty well decided but would like to see how we line up.

    Good job Kirby, miss you on the radio.

  4. Nyla Potter,LVT says:

    Heard today on KIRO Radio about 3PM. The cost of verifying ballot signatures is too costly so ballots with signatures not exact, will be thrown out. Have you heard more about this voting development in Washington States Voting Process?
    If, this is true, my gut says perfect excuse to steal an election.

    God Bless America, Forever May She Stand Free!
    Nyla Potter

  5. Jim says:

    Thanks for the update and recommendations, Kirby. I have two friends that haven’t voted in over ten years who are voting R this election. If they come out of the closet, I wonder how many others are fed up with the current batch of politicians and will support honest change? I’m hoping for a political bloodbath, Nationwide. This will be ‘interesting’ …

  6. Sue says:

    Thanks, I was wondering what I was going to do with out your help. Sure do miss you and all the factual local political news.

  7. Jes says:

    Why? With ballots not required to be postmarked until midnight on election day, most election night coverage in this state seems futile. Ballot postmarked by midnight, doesn’ arrive at the election office for three or four days, then opened and counted. Remember 2004 when the Electons office was still “finding” uncounted ballots four months after election day?
    If / when ballots are required to be received at the election office by poll closing time (8 p.m.) then election results coverage will be timely and mostly meaningful.
    Mornings just aren’t the same.

    • Kirby Wilbur says:

      Jes, thanks, my mornings haven’t been the same in nearly a year. We will be covering the national results too, that’s why we are starting at 5 PM on election night. The good news will start early and continue all night. The tsunami is coming, Judgment Day is at hand.

  8. Jim Kingman says:

    Kirby, what is your recommendation with respect to SJR 8225?

  9. Carol Petke says:

    Hi Kirby – Looking forward to listening to you on election night. In years past, I watched on TV but listened to you guys on the radio. Only way I could stand the MSM “analysis”.

    We just moved to Skagit valley – the R’s sent out a Ballot Advisory – you match except on I 1105. Great Dino rally in Burlington/Mount Vernon area last weekend. They are pumped up here.

    Here’s to Judgement Day.


  10. Jack Brown says:

    1100 versus 1105. What are your reasons for choosing 1100 and not 1105? Tried to muddle my way through the voter pamphlet on the two and can’t figure out the significance of the two.


  11. Scott says:

    Where can I find recommendation on the county office/judical nominees? That’s a bit harder for me to know if they are conservative.


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