Election thoughts, two days to go.

The headlines in today’s press tell it all: CNN Poll – Large Advantage for GOP as election nears, which reports that on the generic ballot question, the Republicans have a 10 point advantage ( in 1994, the parties were tied ). The Washington Post: Virginians Share Lesson Learned: GOP in power not so bad, reportiing that a year after Virginia elected a Republican governor and put the Rs back in charge of the Legislature,  ” many say that they have few regrets and are generally pleased – if not ecstatic – about what Republicans have done.”. National Review Online : The GOP takeover of state legislatures, reporting that the Rs could take control of up to 18 more  state legislative chambers Tuesday night; Politico: Grim Dems Await Huge House Losses, enough said. Washington Post again:Voter Unrest Echoes that of 1994 Poll Shows; and, finally, from the New York Times: Thin Crowd for Cleveland Campaigh Rally, a description of the President’s big rally in Ohio on Sunday, in an arena that was ‘ little more than half full’.

The Republicans will gain somewhere north of 50 seats in the House ( I think a minimum of 60 ) and come close to winning the Senate. A lot of familiar names will not be in DC in January.  Here in Washington, I think they will gain at least two Congressional seats, six state Senate seats and ten state house seats. The Senate race is close, but the momentum this closing weekend is with Dino. All of you who have voted and phoned and waved signs and walked precincts and been candidates deserve great thanks and appreciation because it is your efforts which will allow us to reclaim America.

The real work begins November 3rd. The winners have to get to work to turn this country around. Their supporters have to help them do that. Every one of you who worked on this election will have to stay in the game. If you don’t, your election efforts will be in vain.

The left is angry – I’ll tell you about my mail sometime, the cards, letters and emails I receive  from the tolerant, educated, loving lunatics on that side of the spectrum. They are angry at us because we are going to win, because we are going to stop their  grand plans of transforming our country by the policies of theft, envy and power. They are angry at President Obama because they think he has been too conservative. It’s funny how they label the right angry and intolerant when most folks on the right just want to be left alone. The left wants to run your life. The message on Tuesday will be simple – NO! As one candidate in Virginia puts it, LESS WE CAN!

I am writing this on Halloween, as I wait for the first kids to come knocking on our door. For some, it’s a scary night. But for the left, the scariest night comes in two days. For most Americans, it will be a night of relief, of hope, of promise, a new dawn coming to our land, a night where we say enough and reject the radical left wing policies of the current administration and Congress. Enjoy, celebrate, laugh, cry tears of relief, party like it’s 1773. And, then, let’s wake up on Wednesday and get to work. We have our children’s future to fix, much work to do, a country to save and reclaim. It won’t be easy, but then, nothing worthwhile ever is. It will be difficult and hard, but then, we are Americans. Bring it on.

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