11 Essential Truths

  1. Truth exists, independent of your personal opinion.
  2. Truth never dies.
  3. Socialism is the legitimization of envy.
  4. The more government does for you, the more it can do to you.
  5. American conservatism is based on the four F’s: Faith, Family, Flag and Freedom.
  6. Liberals are especially liberal with your money and your liberty.
  7. The failure of one side to recognize that they are involved in a war does not mean that they aren’t.
  8. To win back our country and our culture we must do three things: get educated, get involved and be a positive and public example.
  9. No civilized society can exist without a consensus on acceptable behavior and without commonly-held and respected values.
  10. You cannot rely on pigs feeding at the trough to voluntarily restrain themselves.
  11. Women are, by nature, the civilizing factor in society.